From Waffle House angst to a farting airplane, here are the most entertaining #WorldEmojiDay tweets.
The headphones mix over-ear and in-ear features, but the real standout feature is sound customisation
If you’ve been holding off the smart speaker revolution, Amazon Prime Day 2018 may be the time you succumb to some home assistant action. There are deals on some of the most popular models ar…
No Man's Sky Next will add a bunch of features players have been asking for.
The Google Assistant app now offers a new visual overview of your day, with proactive suggestions and personalized information.
Amazon has zillions of items on sale. These are the ones worth checking out.
Following Apple's release of a fourth macOS Mojave developer beta, the company on Tuesday pushed out a third evaluation version of the upcoming Mac operating system to members of its public beta program.
The yellow blobs of emoji cuteness that Google scuttled as part of Oreo’s emoji redesign are back. Call it the triumph of the re-moji.
In November 2014, a consortium announced a new set of emoji that would diversify the physical appearance of the pictograms. Redheads weren't represented.
Lawmakers clashed Tuesday at a contentious hearing over claims that social media platforms and tech companies are biased against conservative viewpoints.